Bruce Lee Movies List

bruce lee movies listBefore getting into a Bruce Lee movies list, it is worth talking about the man. If it was not for the martial art skill of Bruce Lee along with his movies during the 1970s, martial arts would not have become such a part of the movie industry as it has in the years since that time. He was born with the name Lee Jun Fan in the city of San Francisco on the 27th of November in 1940, and in 1941, the family moved to Hong Kong.

His movie career started though back in 1941, in a movie called Golden Gate Girl (last on the Bruce Lee movies list below). Bruce was only an infant at that time and lived in Hong Kong at the time. In 1959, Bruce headed back to the United States to Chinatown insane Francisco. Eventually he went to a university in Seattle, Washington and studied philosophy and practiced his kung fu moves. In 1963, he opened a school to teach kung fu. This also led him to win some tournaments, and to meet William Dozier, a TV producer.

Dozier was looking for an actor of Oriental descent to play Kato, the sidekick of the Green Hornet, for a TV program about this superhero. Bruce tried out and got the part. The program only had limited success. However, Bruce became popular with the fans for his fight scenes. This led to some other movies and some minor Hollywood success. However, when he returned to Hong Kong he was offered a role in a movie called Fists of Fury, because Raymond Crow, a movie producer knew of his popularity with the Chinese youth. For an in-depth Bruce Lee movies list, read the following list:

  • 1973 Enter the Dragon
  • 1973 Bruce Lee and I
  • 1972 The Way of the Dragon
  • 1972 The Chinese Connection
  • 1972 Longstreet a TV series for a number of episodes
  • 1971 Fists of Fury
  • 1969 Marlowe
  • 1969 Here Come the Brides a TV series for just one episode
  • 1969 Blondie a TV series for one episode
  • 1967 Ironside a TV series for one episode
  • 1966-1967 The Green Hornet a TV series he played Kato in many episodes
  • 1966-1967 Batman a TV series he also played Kato in a few episodes
  • 1960 Ren hai gu hong
  • 1957 Lei yu
  • 1956 Zao zhi dang cu wo bu jia
  • 1956 Zha dian na fu
  • 1955 Er nu zhai
  • 1955 Ai xia ji
  • 1955 Gu er xing
  • 1955 Ai
  • 1955 Gu xing xue lei
  • 1953 Wei lou chun xiao
  • 1953 Ci mu lei
  • 1953 Ku hai ming deng
  • 1953 Qian wan ren jia
  • 1953 It’s Father’s Fault
  • 1951 Ren zhiChu
  • 1950 My Son, Ah Chung
  • 1949 Meng li xi shi
  • 1948 Fu gui fu yun
  • 1946 The Birth of Mankind
  • 1941 Golden Gate Girl as an infant was not in credits

Bruce Lee is still revered and honored today in various ways including video games. On the 20th of July in 1973, Lee died from cerebral edema caused by a reaction to a headache pill that was used to cure a headache he had. He basically went to sleep and could not be revived. His fans were shattered and thousands of them showed up to pay their respects at his coffin. Bruce was buried in Seattle Washington. The above Bruce Lee movies list shows his many accomplishments in films.

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